The Fashion Retailer’s Guide to Packaging and Shipping

Over the next five years, the market value for online fashion is expected to reach $1 trillion, posing both a challenge and an opportunity for retailers. Whether you specialize in discounted clothes or vintage pieces, custom packaging and fast shipping are two ways to stand out in the fast-paced world of retail.
In this guide, we lay out packaging and shipping tips that can help boost customer satisfaction and drive repeat sales.

Select the right packaging materials

If you are sending a single item, be it a t-shirt or a pair of pants, a simple plastic envelope called a poly mailer is ideal. Mailers are practical, inexpensive, and easy to fasten. Since the clothes simply slide in, you can save time packing and securing the items.
Mailers are weatherproof and durable, so you can rest assured that your products will arrive in perfect condition. Additionally, lightweight mailers reduce shipping costs. This means you can offer competitive rates to your customers.
For multiple items or bulkier clothes like denim and thick sweaters, use a corrugated box. Its thick material will protect the goods from damage. Include void fillers such as air pillows or kraft papers to prevent the items from sliding around and wrinkling during transit.
Wrapping clothes can build anticipation and enhance the unboxing experience, which can be great for your branding. Wrap clothes in tissue paper or tie them up with twine or ribbons for a stylish and personal touch.

Master the art of folding

Keep clothes as flat and neatly folded as possible. Rolling garments can result in creases and wrinkles which can leave a bad impression on customers. Steam items beforehand or place tissue paper in between the folds to prevent creases. Another trick is to wrap tissue paper around garments that feature embellishments, zips, belts, and buttons. This will protect the goods from surface damage during transport.

When it comes to folding shirts and sweaters, lay them flat and face down. Fold each sleeve towards the middle and then fold the edges in lengthwise. Lastly, fold the item in half for a clean and tidy look. Dresses can be folded in a similar fashion with an extra lengthwise fold for the skirt area.
For jeans and pants, fold them in half with the zipper tucked inside the fold. Then, smoothen any creases before folding into thirds.
Keep shipping costs down
In the U.S., 21% of small and medium-sized online retailers offer free shipping. Although free shipping can encourage more conversions, it also means more expenses on your end. 
Fortunately, there are several domestic shipping companies that offer affordable rates. UPS Ground, for instance, only charges $2.47 to ship a package below 2lbs. Delivery usually takes between 1-5 days.
For international orders, USPS Priority Mail International is your best bet. At only $36.45 for a Flat Rate Box, you can easily ship clothes across countries without going over budget.
Your one-stop-shop for packaging supplies
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