4 Tips To Make Your Shipping Boxes Stand Out

Shipping boxes play a key role in a company’s marketing strategy. Beyond protecting the product inside, a
sturdy, well-designed box helps build brand awareness and customer loyalty. In fact, over 52% of online consumers say they would likely purchase from a business again if their orders arrived in premium packaging.
Follow these packaging tips to help you stand out from the crowd:

Tip #1: Decorate your boxes

Select a box design that is eye-catching, memorable, and reflective of your brand. Ensure it matches your
brand’s color scheme and overall style. Have your logo and slogan printed on the box to make it unique.
Use handmade or custom-made paper to wrap your boxes. If you want to reduce costs, store your
products on plain brown boxes and add stickers to brighten their bare surfaces.
Accessorize your shipping boxes to give them a more personal touch. This could be as simple as tying a
ribbon or some neutral twine around them. The extra attention to detail can turn an ordinary package into a
more sophisticated one.

Tip #2: Enhance product security

Good packaging combines aesthetic and security. It must be able to keep the product intact throughout
transport, handling, and storage.
Choose a box that can protect the product from heat, light, humidity, and other external factors. It must
share similar size, shape, and weight with the item(s) to keep the contents secured.
Bind all printed material and keep all sharp or protruding edges wrapped and taped. If reusing a box, check
for dents, tears, holes, and old labels. Use double-walled boxes for heavier items. For fragile products, use
cushioning such as air pillows, Styrofoam sheets, thick paper, and foam blocks to keep them from shifting.
Bubble wrap is also a great way to provide extra insulation. Filling material and protective cushioning
ensure that the products will land neatly and safely in the hands of your customers.

Tip #3: Include a personal note

Thank you cards show that you care about your customers. Gratitude can go a long way in developing
positive relationships and showing reliable customer delivery.
Similarly, consider inserting brand story notes inside your packaging. These small notes communicate your
core values and brand messaging. Sharing how your business started and what makes it unique can
convert recipients into brand ambassadors and repeat customers.

Tip #4: Add in some freebies

People love receiving free items. Giving out freebies is a great way to build brand exposure and keep your
company top of mind.
Freebies can be as simple as a pen or gift card. Just ensure they align with your brand’s message and the
quality of your products. Freebies may cost you a little more, but the extra time and effort will surely pay off
in the end.
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