Standard Strength Shipping Boxes

The standard strength corrugated boxes can accommodate up to 40lbs of weight per box. They are all ECT32 rated, which is the industry wide accepted rating for shipping boxes. Approved with all the national carriers, they are the recommended box to use for standard shipments. Almost every size combination is available in this box strength and can be found by browsing the items by size and style. With over 1,000 box sizes in stock, you are sure to find the perfect fit.

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Good news: you don't have to choose between price and quality anymore. We offer a variety of sturdy shipping options at very low prices, ideal for businesses and individuals alike. If you've been wondering where to buy cheap shipping boxes that won't let you down, you've come to the right place.

What Kind of Box Do I Need?

We offer a range of options to meet your needs:



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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is far stronger than regular cardboard, and is the perfect choice for most shipping. It can hold substantial weights without bending or tearing and doesn't puncture easily.

The size of the corrugated cardboard box you choose depends on what you're using it for:

Large:ideal for light but bulky items. Large quantities of clothes or disposable coffee cups travel best in these containers. For domestic use, pillows or duvets need this kind of transport.

Medium:perfect for items that are weightier but too large or awkward for small boxes. Small kitchen appliances, like toasters, and toiletries are well-suited to medium size (but will probably need some extra padding in the box for extra protection).

Small:these are best for items that would become very heavy or awkward in large quantities. Liquid containers such as cleaning agents travel well in small boxes. Books, CDs, or general knickknacks are also ideal here.

Corrugated cardboard is also very easy to flat pack. We ship our products flat so that you can easily store them until needed. This also makes neat labeling before assembly much simpler.

Our cheap corrugated boxes are a perfect match for your shipping needs. Our amazing prices mean that your costs will stay low, while the high quality ensures that your goods will remain safe in transit. Browse our range of corrugated boxes to find what you need.

Heavy-Duty Boxes

If you are shipping large or weighty goods, we offer an amazing range of heavy-duty options. Again, just because you're looking for quality doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot. We provide cheap heavy-duty boxes to make sure even your bulkiest items can travel safely.

If you're concerned that your items require more protection than usual, contact us to discuss heavy-duty shipping options.

Bargains & Clearance

Saving on your shipping costs is all-important, and who doesn't love a deal? This is why we offer bargains and clearance sales on lines that we've discontinued.

Browsing through our clearance options could land you with an amazing deal on some really great products. Anyone wondering where to buy cheap shipping boxes should definitely give our bargains section a look over!

Great Quality, Better Prices

Cutting down on shipping costs is a priority for businesses and individuals everywhere. We hear you, and we're here to provide the service you need.

Our wide range of shipping options is sure to have the perfect solution for your needs. Shop cheap shipping boxes today — we just can't be beaten on price and quality!

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