Our Line of Corrugated Mailers

Our corrugated mailer line consists of one piece folders and literature mailers. The one piece folders are great for prints, frames, artwork etc while the literature mailers can be used for books, magazines as well as those hard to find flat sizes with varying 1’’ depths. No glue or adhesives required, simply pop the sides into place and have yourself a shipping box. Their all white features allow for an aesthetic appeal while the lightweight corrugation will add to the shipping savings.


The ability to mail letters and ship packages to virtually every corner of the world helps people connect in new and exciting ways. The key to this connection is ensuring the shipment arrives safe and sound. 

One of the best materials for shipping smaller packages are corrugated mailers. Here at The Boxery, you'll find a range of protective, sturdy envelopes and shipping boxes. Whether you're sending bulky items or delicate trinkets, you can make sure your items arrive undamaged with our corrugated mailers.

What Are Corrugated Mailers?

Corrugated mailers protect packages from the rigors of shipping. These large envelopes and boxers consist of thick fiberboard. The walls have fluted inner boards sandwiched between liner boards, and the flutes have S-shaped arches to provide structural strength. The mailers have a robust design. From envelopes to boxes in varying sizes, the material provides an extra degree of protection for all your shipping needs.

Selecting the Right Size for Your Package

The items you ship will be essential in choosing the size and type of mailers:

  • Corrugated cardboard mailers: These are perfect for small and slim books as well as photos, magazines, and letters. They allow documents to ship flat. Ensconced in a stiff mailer, they ensure the pages arrive safely and without creases or tears. They tend to be much safer than paper mailers and are favored to mail important documents or participate in book exchanges.

  • Corrugated boxes: These are best for larger items. The fiberboards and thick lining make the boxes well-suited for fragile items or bulky products. They come in various styles and sizes. With ample stacking strength and fluted walls, the contents will have adequate insulation from extreme temperatures, moisture, and physical damage.

Comparing Corrugated Mailers Board Strength

Every manufacturer conducts tests to ensure the strength of various boxes. Two popular tests are the Edge-Crust Test (ECT) or the Burst Test. The thickness of a box wall determines the burst strength and ECT score. This score determines the box's maximum load capacity and can factor into the stacking capacity. 

When shipping your items, consider the ECT score suitable for the size and weight of your package:

  • A single-walled mailer: This has two liner boards sandwiching a fluted layer. If the box has a burst strength rating between 200 and 275 ECT, it can handle between 23 and 55 pounds per square inch.

  • Double-walled mailers: These feature two layers. The two layers give better and stronger crush resistance. It allows you to ship heavier items, often scoring between 42 and 82 on the edge crush test. This ECT score can handle 200 to 600 pounds. 

  • Triple-walled mailers: These can handle even more weight. Triple-walled boxes are often large containers made for heavy loads stacked on shipping pallets. 

Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes 

Cardboard boxes typically consist of paperboard; corrugated materials have fiberboard construction. No matter the thickness, cardboard is a paper product, meaning it can be flimsy. Corrugated boxes consist of shavings and wood chips, making them more structurally sound. Cardboard also lacks the fluted core or intermediate layer that corrugated boxes have. 

Corrugated Box Fluting Options 

You will find five types of corrugated box flutings. Each class has a letter designation of A, B, C, E, and F, which indicates the number of flutes and the thickness of the material:

  1. An A-flute has 30-36 flutes per linear foot and is 0.188 inches thick.

  2. The flutes on B boxes are 0.125 inches thick and contain 44-50 flutes.

  3. C flute boxes are the most common and popular. C-flutes have an intermediate density with a thickness between the A and B flute.

  4. 5. E and F-flute options will have more flutes but come in smaller sizes. You see these boxes commonly as corrugated document mailers, sandwich packaging, and pizza boxes.

Corrugated Mailers FAQs

What Is in Liner Boards?

Liner boards are not the same as chipboard. Liner boards typically consist of kraft paperboard and recycled paper. Kraft paper often appears brown, but it can come in white if made from bleached kraft paper. You can find liner boards in other colors aside from brown and white. 

Are Corrugated Mailers Good for Business?

The draw of corrugated cardboard mailers is the sturdiness of the material. It can stand up to the myriad of bumps, falls, and general jostling that comes with the shipping process. 

If you are operating a business and rely heavily on shipping, corrugated mailers may be a good choice. You'll have more surety that the goods will arrive in excellent condition. 

Are They Affordable?

Just as with any product, there are various options and a range of price points to consider. When you shop corrugated mailers, look for bundle options. If you have many packages to mail, you can buy in bulk and lower the overhead cost. If you only need a few mailers, you can invest through single purchases.

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Whether you need to send important documents, fragile items, or products to customers, corrugated mailers can make sure your items arrive unscathed. Shop our selection of corrugated mailers today!

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