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Our bubble rolls help provide a light weight alternative for protecting your precious shipping items. The bubbles comes in three different bubble heights - 3/16", 5/16" and 1/2" thickness. The item's shape and size will help determine which bubble size to use. Varying bubble roll lengths are available both with perforation and without. There is no added charge for perforation, it will simply depend on your application and your needs.


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Bubble packaging can give you peace of mind for a long move across the country by ensuring your dishes and fragile items make it safely to your new home. For a small business that sells breakable, scratchable, or high-quality articles, it can make sure your shipments arrive in pristine condition. 

No matter what your use is, bubble wrap packaging can be a lifesaver. 

Here at The Boxery, we have a wide selection of bubble packaging. Our wrapping paper is guaranteed to satisfy. Our products are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. With so many options, it’s hard not to find the packaging you need. 

We offer small, medium, and large anti-static, cohesive, adhesive, and perforated bubble rolls and wraps made to fit your every need. We understand that your valuables deserve the best protection, and that’s what our bubble wrap packaging provides. 

Types of Bubble Packaging and Uses

Open End Bags

Got a weirdly shaped item? Are you sending a lot of one item like Christmas ornaments or figurines? Use the Open End Bubble Wrap Bags to pack these items with ease. The flush cut open end and 3/16” bubbles are perfect for even the most difficult-to-pack items. 

Anti-Static Bags

If you’re a tech-savvy person who wants to keep all of their electronics as safe as possible during a move or shipment, then look no further. The Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags are perfect for you. 

This wrap consists of our highest-quality anti-static material. It keeps your electronic goods safe from scratches or damage during shipping.

Self-Seal Bags

So, maybe you’re the kind of packer who hates packing? Check out our Self-Seal Bubble Wrap Bags. It will protect your precious items, and the best part? No wrapping required! Just place your items in the bags, peel the tape, and seal.

Anti-Static Dispenser Packs

These anti-static Dispenser Bags work great for electronics. They are like our Anti-Static Bubble Wrap Bags, but the pack provides a bulk of wrapping paper. 

This option is fantastic for low volume or workstation use. You can choose between three different sizes to determine whichever one fits best for your items. 

Bubble Wrap Dispenser Packs

These classic Bubble Packaging packs are also great for low volume or work station use. These are available in small, medium, or large bags. To customize your purchase to better match your needs, you can choose between an anti-static or perforated pack of dispenser bags. 

UPS-able Bubble Wrap Packs

Why spend more money trying to ship or package your items when you could use our UPS-able Bubble Wrap Packs?

These packs allow you to safely wrap your items in a bubble wrap that takes up less space than a regular roll.  You can even choose between non-perforated or cross-perforated wrapping. 

Cohesive Rolls

Save time and secure your packages by using the cohesive bubble wrap roll. This wrap only sticks to itself and allows maximum protection but doesn’t leave any residue on your products. 

Adhesive Rolls

This wrap roll is secure, but unlike the cohesive bubble wrap roll, it can stick directly to your product and doesn’t leave a residue. Easy to remove and apply, this one makes packing a breeze. 

Anti-Static Rolls

The wrap is great for electronics and provides cushioning to keep them safe. The anti-static material will keep screens safe from static electricity and scratches. 

Perforated Rolls

The perforated bubble wrap roll keeps your items safe by wrapping them in a blanket of air. 

How To Determine Which Bubble Wrap to Buy

With all the options we have to offer, how do you know which product is best for you? First, you need to determine how much bubble wrap you’re going to need and how much protection is necessary. 

As a rule, as packaging gets thicker, it provides more cushioning for your items. However, thicker bubble wrap gets more difficult to wrap, especially around smaller items. This issue is crucial to take into consideration when shipping small items like figurines or housewares versus large electronics. 

If you use less wrapping, you’ll most likely want to use the UPSable rolls. You can't always ship the larger ones through UPS, and they will cost you a pretty penny. With the UPSable rolls, you can make sure the wrapping fits in the package without costing extra for added dimension. 

Shop Bubble Packaging Today!

The Boxery has a wide array of wraps to fit your needs. We have so many options to choose from to make your packaging experience as smooth as possible. Whether you want to send precious trinkets or costly computer screens, our bubble packaging makes shipping a breeze.

Be sure to use our guide to find the right type and size for you to ensure your items are secure, safe, and arrive at their destination in perfect condition.  Buy wrapping today! Happy packaging!

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