Kraft Bubble Mailers

All of our bubble mailers are produced by leaders in the packing industry and which share our concern for quality and reliability. Each mailer is lined with a full sheet of bubble on the inside to protect your valuable items from damage. It is known to be the most effective method both for protection and stabilization of your product. With hundreds of accepted applications, just find the right size and be on your way.


Not everything you post requires an entire cardboard box, especially not if it's a non-fragile item. However, some items require a bit more protection than your average envelope. The middle-ground would be to wrap something up in bubble wrap and send it in the largest envelope you can find, but even this has its drawbacks.

Bubble wrap is often overused. You end up at the end of what seemed like an endless roll far quicker than you expected. This can incur great costs over time, which will eat into your business revenue pretty quickly. It isn't just big businesses that struggle with this either. Many small companies and independent sellers spend far too much on packaging alone.

In two words, bubble mailers. They are the product result of a simple concept that saves millions of businesses time and money every year. They help organize inventory in addition to providing secure shipping of fragile and valuable items.

The best part? They're incredibly easy to use. The days of overusing bubble-wrap are over with these compact shipping products.

Essentially, these mailers are reinforced envelopes that feature a bubble-protected interior. They vary greatly in size, meaning even the smallest of items can be protected efficiently and easily. There are self-seal bubble mailers and re-sealable bubble mailers available, which means you also save on excess tape. They're usually waterproof to add protection to the items inside.

Investing in these mailers doesn't just lower your spending on excess materials (such as tape and wrap). It can also reduce your overall shipping costs. Due to the extra level of protection provided, you can rest assured your items will arrive unharmed.

Refunds on damaged items are entirely justified, but if it happens in transit, it can often feel like you're paying out for a mistake you didn't make. Bubble mailers help to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

These mailers simplify the transportation of products enormously. Whether you're shipping small handmade items or larger produce, they serve an efficient purpose. As mentioned above, bubble mailers arrive in a variety of sizes so that they can accommodate the needs of numerous businesses.

In addition to this, if your items genuinely require large boxing, you can still use these mailers to add some extra security. The products to be delivered into their own mailer envelopes and then box them up. This ensures they will arrive at their destination safely, so you don't need to worry about transit damage.

They also look professional. Conventional padded envelopes can be kind of messy. Remember how we mentioned them being stuffed with shredded newspaper? That isn't desirable for anybody. Receiving an easy-to-open bubble mailer is by far the preferable option.

It also reflects well on your business. It shows that you care about the product arriving safely, which means you care about the customer. Enacting small yet positive decisions like these can make for long-term purchases and loyal clientele.

Bubble mailers may have an interior of bubble wrap, but their exterior usually comprises reinforced plastic or Kraft paper, like what is found in our Kraft Bubble Mailers. Not only does this make them highly durable, but it also makes them significantly lighter than standard boxes or transport envelopes.

Protective envelopes are often filled with shredded newspaper to provide padding. This increases its weight, which then increases its associated costs. Ask yourself, can you afford to be paying to ship torn up newspaper? Even if you can, there are better ways to redirect that money back into your business.

Some of the smaller mailers weigh as little as half an ounce. The price you pay for delivery is as close to the price of the product as possible. Packaging fees hardly remain a factor! Over time, this can save you a significant amount.

This saving not only provides you with new funds to further your business model, but it also means these mailers essentially pay for themselves. It's no mystery as to why they're proving so popular in the age of ever-increasing e-commerce.

Boxes, even flat packed ones, can take up a lot of space. This not only cumbersome when loading and unloading packages, but it can also increase your overall shipping costs. With numerous boxes, you may have to pay out for a larger delivery vehicle or (as mentioned above) the postage cost will rise.

Bubble mailers, even the larger ones, are thin and stackable. This means you can fit numerous packages into one delivery without worrying about excess cardboard.

You also don't need to worry about assembling and disassembling boxes, which can be time-consuming (and frustrating). With bubble mailers, you just slip the delivery items in, and then they're ready for transportation.

Don't worry, bubble mailers have you covered there too. At The Boxery, we would be happy to speak with you about custom bubble mailers and customizing your packaging with your brand. They don't all look the same, and it's incredibly easy to attach your own unique touches on the mailers you use. Plus, they're a lot cheaper to customize than boxes.

The smaller bubble mailers are perfect for:

  1. Jewelry
  2. CDs
  3. Cassettes
  4. DVDs

They're also perfectly capable of handling anything else of similar size. If you need something a little larger, we still have you covered. Oversized books, picture frames, and even clothing can be transported with a bubble mailer.

There's no need to buy bubble mailers in bulk, either. You can use one bubble mailer for multiple smaller products if necessary, which opens up even more opportunities to save money. If you run an independent business where a customer may buy many small items, you only need to use one bubble mailer. This is a much superior way to post products than by using bubble-wrap on every single item.

If you are interested in buying bubble mailers bulk orders, that is an option! Wholesale bubble mailers allow you to purchase as many as you feel you need for a much lower price than standard. This is a popular option for bigger businesses or those that experience particularly popular sale periods and need to prepare ahead of time.

You might be asking yourself, “Aren't wrap and mailers basically the same thing?” There are distinct pros associated with using bubble mailers as opposed to bubble wrap. Bubble mailers are reinforced envelopes that have a layer of bubble wrap on the interior. They are superior for this very reason. You can put the biggest 'fragile' label on a box as many times as you like, but you can't control how it'll be treated in transit. Products slide around, and bubble wrap comes off. Before you know it, your items are damaged.

Bubble mailers completely eliminate this risk. They are self-contained and keep your products firmly secure once sealed. They offer all the protection of bubble wrap with an additional waterproofed outer layer. The quality of your products has never been safer.

Though there are varying types available to meet your needs, generally speaking, the bubble mailer envelopes are made from Kraft paper. This is a tough, tear-resistant material that is created from treating wood chips with sodium sulfide and sodium hydroxide.

The result? Strong envelopes that are both durable and elastic. Kraft paper is also used to create grocery bags, candy wrappers, and even shotgun cshiells. Needless to say, it's sufficiently capable of protecting whatever you're posting.

Most bubble mailers are entirely recyclable. By making the switch to this packaging, you're contributing to the better good of the planet. We offer a mailer that is 100% recycled materials call the Ecolite Bubble Mailer, a great option of eco-friendly brands.

As the climate crisis continues, more manufacturers are waking up to the need for greener choices. Customers will undoubtedly appreciate your ethical choices, which all contribute to a positive brand reputation.

A smarter and easier way to deliver your packages is already waiting for you; you just need to invest and reap the benefits! Check out our variety of bubble mailers here to find the type that's right for your products.

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