LUX Kraft Bubble Mailers

LUX® Kraft Bubble Mailers are great for replacing standard self-seal bubble mailers at a reduced cost. Economically priced with bubble cushioning on each side of the bubble mailers.
Exclusive brand of The Boxery

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Small and fragile items can be challenging to ship, especially if there are any concerns about those that are particularly breakable. Kraft Bubble Mailers are best suited for these instances and were designed with small items in mind.

The 00 Kraft Bubble Mailers are suited to shipping the following items:

  1. Small Books and Documents: With any type of important document or bound journal, there is a heightened chance that damage could occur during the shipping process if the proper precautions have not been taken. Kraft Bubble Mailers are lined with protective bubble wrapping that will limit the amount of movement inside the envelope and help to keep the contents safe during delivery.

  2. Jewelry and Watches: Jewelry and watches are very delicate and require extra protection as they make the journey to their destination. The 00 Kraft Bubble Mailers are just large enough to safely and securely package these items for a very gentle delivery.

  3. Small Electronics: Electronics are not only fragile, but they are also very expensive. The bubble-lined interior of the Kraft bubble mailers will keep any small electronics stationary even if there is rough movement on the outside.

  4. Discs and Drives: Since discs and drives can be thin and breakable, they need the same shipping protections as other electronics items. Kraft bubble mailers are the perfect size to hold these fragile items while also providing adequate protection with the thick padding and cushioning materials inside the envelope.

  5. Repair Parts: Repair parts for electronics or other DIY projects are often very small and easy to misplace if they aren't properly packaged before they are shipped. The size of 00 Kraft Bubble Mailers is perfect to keep any small parts safe and secure during shipment.

  6. Collectible Items: Coins, stamps, medallions, and other small collectible items are highly valuable and need proper protection while in transit. These bubble mailers are great to hold and secure any expensive pieces in the mail.

  7. Accessories: Kraft bubble mailers are also perfect for transporting smaller accessory items, like hairpins, watches, brooches, keychains, and phone cases. Where other forms of packaging might rip or cause these items to be scratched during shipping, bubble mailers' padding prevents this from happening.

Product Details & Specifications

The 00 Kraft Bubble Mailers are one of the smaller options available and are best used for the types of products that were listed above. 

Professional Look

The color and finish of these envelopes are great for packaging your business's product shipments because of their sleek and professional design.

Secure Sealing 

Each bubble mailer is complete with a single-use peel-and-seal element that makes for convenient and strong sealing. 

Padded Interior

The bubble-padded interior keeps the contents from moving around or getting damaged while being shipped and is especially suitable for small, fragile, and valuable items.

5"W x 9"L Measurements 

These small and compact measurements leave little extra space for the contents to be tossed around even during rougher deliveries. 

The 00 Kraft Bubble Mailers are perfect for all types of small-item deliveries. Contact us The Boxery today to get some of your own!